SniperSpy Version 7.21 Demo

Turn your PC into a spying machine and keep track of your kids or employees

Nowadays, the Internet serves as a great tool that unquestionably helps in marching human kind forward. However, and as great a tool as the Internet may be, it still holds countless dangers and temptations for both your children and your employees. Some may result in time unwisely spent while others can cause real harm.
One solution to this predicament is installing a spying software program on your PC. SniperSpy is a remote spying software program with which you'll be able to see precisely what's going on with your PC users. You'll also be able to silently record activities and watch the whole thing live over the Net. After installing it, SniperSpy will commence uploading recorded data onto your private online account.
Users who wish to view monitored activities should simply log into their account and gain immediate access to a live feed of what's going on. Like actual surveillance cameras, SniperSpy can provide you with screen shots taken at predefined intervals.
While logged into your account you'll also be able to see chat conversations that took place, websites that were visited, applications that were launched, keys that were typed and much more. You can basically see everything that's been done on the monitored PC.
be careful of breaching any personal rights laws, rules or regulations pertaining to your employees' privacy. Even if you're not bothered by moral issues, you sure wouldn’t want to expose yourself to unsightly and potentially costly lawsuits.
Warning no. 2: you should also be careful of becoming addicted to constantly viewing what's going on. You might end up never leaving your monitor, eating yesterday's lunch leftovers and holding meaningful conversations with plants.
Users come first